Safe & Secure WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular  management systems used to power nearly 28% of all websites on the internet. If you are a WordPress website owner you know how easy it is to use for managing content and adding functionality, however you may not be aware of how vulnerable your website might be.

With its open source technology, WordPress can open up  a world of creativity at the same time opening up a world of vulnerabilities that  hackers are exploiting on a daily basis. From planting malicious code and SPAM, to relentless unauthorised login attempts, your WordPress Website requires a robust and reliable defence system. The Safe & Secure WordPress has been designed to do just that!

Peace of Mind with Safe & Secure WP

Using Trusted WordPress remote software applications, Safe & Secure WP works to reduce the risk and impact of common known WordPress security issues.

By remotely updating, monitoring, protecting and backing up your WordPress website on a daily basis, you will have peace of mind knowing we are keeping your website safe and secure.

Commit to Data Protection

With Safe & Secure WP you can show a commitment to keeping your users’ data secure. With a combination of editable policies, on your WordPress website, and our remote monitoring tools, we will  help you build a strong defence against your users data ending up in the wrong hands.

Focus your Time and Money on your Business

As a business owner spending time and money trying to recover your WordPress website from a security breach can become very costly, Safe & Secure WP is designed to enforce robust defences to reduce the risk of hacking therefore enabling you to focus your resources on your business.

Stay Up to Date

Our reporting system provides you with an overview of actions taken to keep your website safe and secure. You can request a report to be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.