Whose got their eye on your website?

Whose got their eye on your website?

Whose got their eye on your website?

Your website is constantly being monitored for weaknesses that can be exploited.

At Logic to Create we are aware of how important it is to monitor your website as much as it is being monitored. This is because there may be lots of weaknesses in the framework of your website that leave it open to attack.

Weaknesses such as:

  • Weak passwords
  • Bad systems configuration
  • Poor user management
  • Use of unregulated themes and plugins
  • Irregular updating processes 
  • Holes in the website design and build

Some of these weaknesses can be easily fixed however if left unchecked they can make it easy for a website attack to take place.

This could mean a number of things like:

  • Losing control of your website
  • Your website is infected with malicious software (malware)
  • Data being copied from your website to other locations
  • Your website being cloned or 
  • Worse case scenario your website is deleted

So what do we suggest? 

Here at Logic to Create we have adopted remote website monitoring tools for the self-hosted WordPress websites we manage, kind of like a remote CCTV system to observe the sites and notify us of any unusual activity. 

When any unauthorised login attempts are detected, they are automatically blocked as the login credentials do not fit the correct ones the system is used to. 

The most common username used to attempt to access the sites is ‘admin’ however, all the sites we manage do not use that username.

Side note for anyone who has not set up a self-hosted WordPress site as yet – NEVER USE ADMIN AS A USERNAME!!

We are also alerted of the blocked action so we can investigate it further. 

The tools also notify us of any file changes that take place, that could be malicious.

If after reading this you decide to start monitoring your website, there are several security plugins with built in monitoring features that you may want to try out. The top ones being:

Depending on the themes and plugins you are using some of these security plugins may not work well with your website and may break certain areas or the whole of your website so take care when installing and activating them. You may find that one works better for your site than another one does, do your research to identify the most important features for you.

If you prefer for us to keep an eye on your website for you, take a look at our current Safe and Secure WordPress plans.

Remember you should be monitoring your website as much as it is being monitored!

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