Safe & Secure WordPress Plans


Our Safe & Secure WordPress plans are designed to keep your websites safe and secure while you take care of business. By adopting state of the art remote monitoring and protection technology we help safeguard your self hosted WordPress website from common attacks. Our plans also provide a monthly health check where we will advise you on actions to take to ensure best security practice for your website.

All our plans include the following  features, click the +  next to each feature to find out more.

We will perform any software updates that are required on your website. This includes WordPress Core, plugins and themes.

This feature blocks any one who is persistently trying to access your website by guessing your password.

To stay compliant, we will make sure your website policies are current and updated as required.

We will monitor your website performance, including uptime and downtime, and notify you of any issues.

Your website will be backed up every night to our cloud storage location. We keep an archive of your backups for 7, 30 or 90 days depending on the plan selected.

You will receive a comprehensive monthly report to advise you of all the actions taken to keep your website safe and secure.

This feature scans your website for malware, blacklist status, website errors and out-of-date software

We will perform a number of other security checks that we deem suitable for your type of website. These checks will be identified through our audit and evaluation or consultation and planning services.

We will provide a responsive email support service to ensure your queries are answered in a timely manner.


Bronze Plan
£ 7.99 /month

  • Recommended for brochure websites
  • 7 day backup archive
  • £34.99 set up fee
  • £7.99/month or £86/year

£ 11.99 /month

  • Recommended for entertainment websites
  • 30 day backup archive
  • £34.99 set up fee
  • £11.99/month or £129/year

£ 14.99 /month

  • Recommended for e-commerce websites
  • 90 day backup archive
  • £34.99 set up fee
  • £14.99/month or £162/year