Raising Awareness

Hacking and Security breaches are not just an IT issue, they can and will affect everyone in and associated with your Business.  The golden triangle of Business Security is formed of the People, the Practices and the Technology, and for each area there is a need to stay aware of the best ways to stay secure and protect your data.

Our half or full day workshops will equip decision makers and your teams (where appropriate) with key knowledge, guidance, tools and tips to raise awareness.

Our workshops are designed to keep you up to date and aware of the type of risks faced and remedies available that will work in your organisation. You can attend any of our public sessions or request in-house sessions for internal practices and processes to be discussed freely amongst teams, board members and other key stakeholders.

Our  Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Current and emerging security risks
  • Understanding the human impact on security and protection
  • Strategic online security and data protection planning
  • Embracing digital systems despite the risks
  • Identifying IT software systems and applications to secure and protect
  • WordPress website security
  • SSL certificates what they are and why they are required
  • User and password management
  • Compliance and certification
  • Integration, automation and augmentation