Do you have a registered domain? a live website? and are you using a free domain email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo account to communicate with current and potential customers, clients and service providers? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to all questions then you may already have experienced problems with communicating. You could also become a risk to the people you are communicating with.

6 years ago when starting up my VA business, it was instilled in me that a domain related email address was imperative for several reasons:

  • To provide a professional looking service
  • To ensure I actually received emails directly into my inbox and likewise to ensure the business people I was communicating with would receive my emails into their inboxes.
  • To avoid emails sitting in junk/spam folders for hours, days, weeks – therefore causing communications to be lost and creating all kinds of delays and bad impressions.
  • To allow one to connect to other business related services  who insist you have a ‘proper’ business email
  • To protect against Hotmail and Yahoo spammers infiltrating your systems and likewise those you communicate with on a business level.  We all know how that works!!

After several years of using a domain related email address and communicating with businesss hotmailers and yahooers, the results are in and I have experienced:

  • no reply – my message has gone into their spam
  • several spam messages from them – which means their email account has been infiltrated and spam messages are being sent from their account, which then means they will subsequently get deleted
  • a reluctance to communicating such with business people

So if you have bought a domain and hosting make sure you have email account as part of the package like with’s ‘all in one’ options or make sure it is available as an affordable addon like with other hosting companies.

If you are a business person person or advisor please encourage your peers to use or buy a domain related email account.

Let’s all work towards protecting and securing our systems!