If you are concerned about an email account breach and need to find out either way, visit the BreachAware website (https://www.breachaware.com/) where you can perform a check on any email address.



Once on the BreachAware website, enter your email address and click CHECK EMAIL button


If no breach has occurred you should get an all clear message as per the image below:

Below your result, you will be provided with recommended actions to maintain secure accounts, such as:

  • Enabling two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Using strong passwords
  • Auditing email accounts


If you want to check another email address from the all clear page click ‘Check another email address’ and you will be taken back to the homepage where you can enter another email address by repeating the above steps.

If a breach has occurred you will receive a message like the one below with further instructions below it on how to secure your email address again.

Not all information about the breach may be provided, like the image below, however your main concern is that a breach has occurred and you need to take the necessary steps to secure your email account again.

Hope this was useful!


*Email addresses in the images for this post have been edited to protect them.