Category: IT Security

Check if your email has been breached with BreachAware

If you are concerned about an email account breach and need to find out either way, visit the BreachAware website ( where you can perform a check on any email address.   CHECKING AN EMAIL ADDRESS Once on the BreachAware website, enter your email address and click CHECK EMAIL button   If no breach has occurred […]

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Need help creating a $Tr0n9 password?

With all the accounts we need to manage nowadays having strong passwords is often becoming a prerequisite to finalising the account setup. Systems such as WordPress measure the strength of passwords and provide a visual display or percentage rating  from Weak to Strong, indicating how strong they have rated your password. If your password is […]

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WhatsApp Fake Documents Threat

WhatsApp Fake Documents Threat Check out this WhatsApp article on how fake documents can be used to install viruses on phones. WhatsApp users are advised to keep phones and devices safe, by checking, cross checking and if in doubt triple checking the source of any message before opening it. If unsure just delete it! Link Source: […]

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