Month: January 2018

Cyber Security Among Charities – August 2017

This research aims to explore charities’ awareness, understanding and approaches to cyber security, and their experiences of cyber security breaches or attacks. It will also aim to draw out whether there are any indicative differences between charities and businesses in how they view and manage cyber security, by making broad comparisons to the qualitative findings […]

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Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 main report PUBLIC

This survey highlights a range of factors that drive home the importance of cyber security for businesses, including: ▪ the specific threat of ransomware, which has underscored the value of any electronic data that businesses hold, not just personal or financial data ▪ having a senior individual in charge of cyber security – someone who […]

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Check if your email has been breached with BreachAware

If you are concerned about an email account breach and need to find out either way, visit the BreachAware website ( where you can perform a check on any email address.   CHECKING AN EMAIL ADDRESS Once on the BreachAware website, enter your email address and click CHECK EMAIL button   If no breach has occurred […]

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