11 Security Habits To Adopt Now!

This list, of 11 security habits to adopt now, will not only set you on the right path but will keep you in the habit of keeping your systems and devices as secure as possible.

  1. Enforce strong password usage

  2. Enable two-factor authentication

  3. Update software regularly & when prompted

  4. Think first before clicking on a link

  5. Ensure financial transactions are from credible & identifiable sources

  6. Avoid sharing sensitive information on Social Media

  7. Get a secure private Wifi hotspot or Virtual Private Network(VPN) & avoid public Wifi/Shared Networks

  8. Look into data encryption and why it may be useful to adopt it

  9. Beware of USBs being connected to devices

  10. Stay aware & updated on security issues

  11. Back up systems regularly & remotely

Look out for more detailed articles on how to implement some of the above and if you do need help with implementing any of the above, contact us

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